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Al Dantes Jr.

On October 13, 2022, just hours before LSPR was scheduled to begin, Al Dantes Jr. was killed when an intoxicated truck driver crashed his truck into a gas station where Al was filling up.  Al was slated to compete in his hometown event, where we was looking to hold onto his lead in the Central Region Open 2WD Championship.  He and his car, a LS-swapped Mazda RX-7 named Rexine, were fan favorites at every event he competed in, and Al was loved and admired in the service park.  Despite the sadness overshadowing the event, his fellow competitors honored Al in the only way they knew how, by pressing on regardless in his memory.


Below are the amazing videos and articles done in tribute to Al, as well as photos we have compiled of Al, as well as "Last Stage Selfies" taken this year in honor of Al, a tradition he started of taking a selfie of everyone with him at the start of the last stage of an event.  There is a hole in our hearts, this event, and rally in general that will never be filled.  Rally On #50

ARA interviewed competitors to gather thoughts, memories, and comments about Al.

A video tribute put together for the American Rally Association LSPR Live Stream.

An amazing POR moment from TCRT at the 2016 Headwaters Rally.

Tribute article from Road and Track Magazine

Video Tribute from Meegan Media Productions

Story written by Turbo Tara Hurlin for Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

A video tribute from MeLe Design Firm

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