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A Note to All Spectators

The Organizers, Workers, Competitors and Crews welcome you to the Lake Superior Performance Rally.

LSPR continues to build on our tradition of an exciting and safe event, with even more emphasis on safety for you, the spectator. You will be closer to the rally cars (operating at high speeds) than in any other form of motor sports. The job of the Spectator Control Crews and the Spectator Marshals is to let you enjoy LSPR while maintaining your safety – and the safety of the competitors, crews and other workers. 


We urge all of you to view LSPR only from the designated spectator points. These areas have been selected because they provide exciting and safer viewing. Any other out-of-the-way viewing area may not be safe. Rally officials will perform a safety check of each stage before allowing the race to begin on that section of road. If they are not satisfied with the safety of your location, you will be required to move or the stage may be cancelled.


You will not be able to spectate at every stage. You must choose those where you wish to go and allow ample transit time to get to them. If you are short on time, we suggest you skip ahead to the next spectator point.

As always, parking is a problem on the forest’s narrow roads and steep hillsides. Please do not block these roads. They are used as access routes for emergency vehicles. Please respect the Spectator Control Marshals. They work very long hours to ensure your safety and viewing enjoyment.

Photo Courtesy of David Freeborg 

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