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More Rally In Michigan

Love LSPR?  Want to see what other great events like it are out there?  Here is where to see more rally action the rest of the year, click the yellow links for more info on the event pages:  

Lake Superior SCCA Rallycross
4 Dates on the schedule currently:
Sept 21st Test and Tune
Sept 22nd RX Event 1
Nov 2nd RX Event 2
Nov 3rd RX Event 3

Lake Superior SCCA Facebook

Hardwood CUP Rally
The 2024 event took Place Saturday June 15th in Hardwood, MI, one day event with 75+ stage miles and fewer than 10 transit miles in the Heart of the Upper Peninsula!  A NASA Rally Sport Sanctioned Event.

CUP Iron Mule Rally
Saturday, August 24 is the date for the 2024 Event.  110 stages miles with fewer than 10 transit miles in the Heart of the Upper Peninsula!  A NASA Rally Sport Sanctioned Event. 

Sno*Drift National Rally
The 2024 Sno*Drift National Rally took place Feb 9-10 in Atlanta, in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.  The first event in the ARA National Championship.

These events, like LSPR, are always looking for more volunteers.  Ask someone who has volunteered before, it is the best way to experience rally!

Photo Courtesy of David Freeborg

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