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Looking for the best way to see the rally?  Volunteer workers get the opportunity to see the action up close from prime locations.  The Lake Superior Performance Rally is a large event spread out over hundreds of square miles in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.  An event of this magnitude cannot happen without the volunteers who come out and help.  Volunteers of all experience levels are always welcome and can help out by pitching in to serve a number of different race positions.


All volunteers are asked to please to read the information here to help select which positions they are most interested in before registering.

The Event needs a way to gather information from volunteers for its own use. So we have chosen RallyMasterPRO to gather and manage volunteer information this year. None of the information will be shared outside of the event.  Click the Rallymaster Pro logo to go to the sign-up page.


After completing the event registration, all volunteers should sign on and complete the ARA registration.  The ARA online registration shows that volunteers have registered and signed an online waiver per their regulations and are eligible for event insurance. That information remains with ARA.  Click the ARA logo to go to the ARA sign-up page.


We know this requires you to enter some information twice, but that is unavoidable at this time. The RallyMasterPRO information can also be used at other events, but ONLY with permission of the person registering.

Lastly, if you are interested in working a control position, click on the RallySafe icon for training on how to use the software.  

Aside from seeing all of the action up close and personal, volunteers receive an awesome swag bag, as well as admission to the post race celebration at Marquette Mountain Resort.

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