The Oldest, Meanest, Toughest Rally on the Circuit

Registration for the 2018 event is now open.

Registering for LSPR is a two step process.  First visit the Rally America Account Management Login Page and complete registration for the event.  After doing so you will need to return to this page and complete payment.

Entry Fee

Please select the type of entry you are applying for and complete the payment through Paypal or another method as permitted by the supplementary Regulations.

Registration – After 10/15
Driver/Co-Driver Last Names

Over-sized Service Area

If you require a service area larger than that which is normally provided (per the Supplemental Regulations) please purchase a larger space below.

Extra Service Area Requirement
Driver & Co-Driver Last Names

Extra Banquet Tickets

If you would like to purchase extra tickets for the award banquet please do so using the form below.

Number of extra Banquet tickets
Driver/Co-Driver Last Name

Extra Notes

If you would like to purchase an extra copy of the Jemba notes please use the form below.

Driver & Co-Driver Last Names


Driver Information

Press Stage

The Press stage will be held Thursday October 18 from 4 to 7pm at the Keweenaw Research Center




Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection will be held at the CCISD Automotive Technical Center:

  • Thursday October 18, 1-5 pm
  • Friday October 19, 8-11:30 am
  • Saturday October 20, By Appointment